July2/10 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Port Renfrew Marina is seeing fishing continue to improve on a daily basis. Unbelievably calm seas have allowed all size boats to get to the fishing spots. Fishing farther west from Camper Creek has started to light up, early mornings or on the high slack tides are best. Offshore salmon fishing for Chinnok and hatchery Coho is getting better and better with hoochies and spoons working best.  Anchovies in the 10 pack are doing well. Notable catches:

  • Graham Smith          42                                    Blair Houdayer 37
  • Ian Batty                 twins 29 & 29
  • Eric Eckdahl   33.5  29  27
  • Brian Dice                    32
  • Steve Holgate              36       24
  • Blair Houdayer    37                                         
  • Ken Beachum              31    
  • Wayne & Judy Schiffner   34   32    

Ian Batty 29 29

Eric Eckdahl 33.5 29 27Graham Smith 42

 Halibut catches continue to be strong and with the weather being so perfect all spots have been accessed with great results. 

Notable catches:

Vicious Fish Charters 120  72

Important Dates:    

  • The Davey Derby  is coming up on the August long weekend.  July31 st  to Aug.1 st.  This is a favorite of many, named after a great family man who passed away a few years ago and carried on since.  There are great prizes and all proceeds go to a variety of very good charities. This year there will be entertainment. Tickets are $45.00 a rod and available at Port Renfrew Marina.
  • The Port Renfrew Marina Labor Day Derby is on Sept.4th and 5th. This derby is a fundraiser for the local San Juan Hatchery. All proceeds go to help maintain this hatchery that is all but forgotten by the government. There is a dinner, beverages, t-shirt and live band all for $50.00 a rod and will be sold at the marina soon. If you or a business you know would be interested in making a donation for this derby please contact us at the office, call or e-mail us with your suggestions.
  • Port Renfrew Marina's Coho Derby "winner take all" is tentatively scheduled for Oct. 2nd and 3 rd.

We are happy to announce that the pay phone appears to be working and hopefully will stay that way! Our ATM is working fine this year and is for customers convenience when they arrive and don't realize we only do cash sales.

Bud & Rex