July9/10 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Port Renfrew Marina salmon fishing is still going stronger than most Vancouver Island spots. Fishing on the beach continues to give up some big ones. Manny Gavin weighed in a 44 pound spring and there are many hitting the docks in the 20 to 30 pound range. Anchovies (if you can get them) as well as green white hoochies and "baitrix" lures are working well. The baitrix is a relatively new imitation anchovy and has had very good comments. (We have them in stock at the office.) With extreme tides this coming week first light and high slack will be the better times for catching those elusive springs. Both Camper Creek and Logan are areas showing the best results. Notable catches:

  • Shemel Gillard            30
  • Joe Serpa                      32   40  32
  • Joe Maurer                  32
  • Ken Gillard                   33    40  
  • Ray Hamelton             35
  • Manny Gavlin              44
  • No Bananas Charters 56 (photo below)


Swiftsure Bank: the salmon have arrived off shore right on schedule. Plugs and hoochies fished deep (180') will get you fish.  Hatchery Coho have showed up in some numbers also.

Halibut catches continue to be very good and now drifting or backtrolling will put fish in the boat. Herring and "gulp" are working well at the NE corner and the 170' hot spots. Crabbing is slowing down as is usual for this time of year but they are still around if you are persistent.

Notable catches:

There is a story behind the catch of Steve French's 176 pound Halibut. He was out fishing the day before andthe rod holder broke and the halibut rod went overboard and was lost. The next day he was out again in the same spot and when 3 lines got tangled, they reeled them in and hooked on the three was the rod he had lost the day before! Since it was the only one not tangled up they rigged it and that is the one that caught the 176 ! What are the odds??

S.French 176 D.Hatchard 120

If you have caught a spring over 30 pounds and would like it posted and we don't have a picture of it, check at the office for an email address to send it to us and we will post them.

Important Dates:

  • Davey Derby                       July 31st & Aug.1st
  • PRM Labor Day Derby    Sept.4th & 5th
  • PRM Coho Derby               Oct. 2nd & 3rd. (tentative)

Bud & Rex