Port Renfrew Marina July 27/10 Report

Port Renfrew Marina Chinook fishing in July has been very hit and miss along the shoreline so far. Since the last report fishing has improved though only for some boats. While we are hearing of two days of fishing without a salmon other fisherman are hitting the docks regularly with limit catches up to 35 pound salmon. It is proving to be a frustrating experience for some and even for the more experienced fisherman that know the area well. Fishing further to the west on the high tides is most productive.  Favorite teaser heads have been green glow and purple chrome and the UV ones are always popular. Salmon, both springs and Coho and halibut fishing offshore is on fire as it should be this time of year. Fishing shallow in the early morning to as deep as 140 feet later in the day. Spoons, plugs and hoochies are all working well.

Crabbing is still going very well for this late in the summer. Catches are coming in with many big, hard shelled and full crab.

Offshore fisherman should note! The seas on the ebb currents are very dangerous and have been for almost 2 weeks now. The guides report that it is some of the worst and treacherous conditions they have dealt with in recent memory. Use extreme caution until things settle down.

Notable catches:

  • Dave Mills   35.5   35.5
  • Phil Rankine     32
  • Chad Hughes       33
  • Greg Cretin          33
  • No Bananas Charters  31 
  • Jolly Rogers Fishing Adventures   30 32 33
  • Marion Randall      32
  • Terry Valley            51.5

Terry Valley 51.5PRM2010-5145 hali

 Jolly RogersRandall 33  Chad Hughes  33
Many of you may be wondering about the anchovie situation as most places in the lower mainland and Vancouver Island have been out and not clear on when there may be more available. At Port Renfrew Marina we do have anchovies (5 1/2 inch). So far they are only available for guests staying at the marina. Medium herring is also working in place of anchovy. If supplies come through soon then it will be open to the public with no restrictions on quantity. Please call the marina 250 483-1878 if you would like to inquire as to the status.






A final reminder of the upcoming Davey Derby that is on this weekend at the marina. It starts Fri and finishes Sun. For details go to www.daveyderby.ca . This derby is wonderful, great prizes and all proceeds go to charity. This year there is entertainment.

Upcoming events:  

  • Labor Day Derby.   Sept. 4th and 5th
  • Coho Derby. Oct. 2nd and 3rd
  • Port Renfrew Marina closes.  Oct. 11th

Bud & Rex