Aug.3/10 Port Renfrew Marina Report

gaudett Port Renfrew Marina fishing is picking up nicely. Most boats back on Monday reported at least one or two salmon from the beach. The "catching" for some boats is fantastic with six to ten fish days not uncommon, though some fishermen are not getting a bite.  Fishing shallower than usual depths with a small (Coho type flasher) or no flasher has been a successful method over the last week.

Halibut fishing is still going strong with most in the mid range size of 25 to 50 pounds although the occasional big one comes to the docks.  Crabbing is unusually good for July. Most years we see it taper off  around this time but this year there are still a few left.

Offshore fishing at Swiftsure Bank is fantastic

 for Chinook, Coho and Halibut. Plugs and spoons for the Chinook, hoochies, spoons and Baitrix in the UV line for the Coho. Lately the Bank has been having much calmer seas and less fog, at least for now!

The 10th annual Davey Derby was again a huge success with 11 fish weighing  over 30 pounds posted on the derby day. For a derby that started off with 15 entrants it now had 347 people in the derby this year.  This year there was entertainment with a hypnotist and the fishing was great with only a few slow periods. Overall everyone enjoyed it very much.  For more information go to

Top Fifteen:

  • Mike Daines    39.5
  • John DeGraff   36.8
  • Shane Telford  35.3
  • Joe Serpa          35.1
  • Grant Thomson      33
  • Keith MacGuire     32.5
  • Mark Kuzman         31.2
  • Neil Caddell   30.8
  • Dave Mills    30.5
  • Frank Berkey    30
  • Wayne Schiffner    29.8
  • Gerry Gammie   28.7
  • Martin Rodgers  28.6


  • Roberta May   31
  • Ron Schiefke  31.5
  • Dave Hoban  35
  • Mark Luttman  39
  • Mariette Fall  38
  • Rex Coburn  33
  • Max Miller    50.1
  • Hugh Hamer 32
  • Norm Ricketts  34
  • Ryan Green & group  30
  • George Gaudett  32
  • Murray & Ron Flower  35
  • Al Larkey   110 halibut

For your information Port Renfrew Marina does have anchovy and did have in 10's and 12's but we now have only 12's. As most of you know the supply was dry on the island and lower mainland and still is in very limited supply. We are in the position where we have to limit sales to marina guests only until further notice.  It is also important to note that we have very limited room for moorage only especially for larger boats (21 and up.) It is best to call before coming to see if it is possible to get any moorage.

Important Notice: At this time we are experiencing some bear issues, PLEASE make sure you have all food and garbage locked up and safely put away to avoid damage and or danger to yourself and your belongings. We are told we will be getting a bear trap from the Conservation office.

Important Dates to Note:

  • PRM Labor Day Derby: Sept.4th and 5th.
  • PRM Coho Derby:  Oct. 2nd and 3rd.
  • PRM closing: Oct. 11 Thanksgiving Day

Bud & Rex