Aug. 23/10 Port Renfrew Marina Report

  Brian McGaw and Justin McGaw

Late August fishing at Port Renfrew Marina is very good and should continue for the next few weeks.

Sockeye catches remain very strong. These prized eating salmon are found in 380 feet to 500 feet of water with shallow depth, 40 feet, early in the morning and deepter, 100 feet, when the sun comes up. Pink hoochies with a large black open eye hook works very well.

Chinook fishing is up to late August standards. Many limit catches are hitting the docks. First light and on the flood are the best bite times. Anchovies are still the favorite and 6 inch spoons or plugs work well at Swiftsure Bank. Logan Creek, Cullite and Walbran continue to be the hot spots. You will find coho out there also and hopefully this is a good sign for the coho coming in Sept.  Check out the notable catches and you will see the spring fishing is going strong with John Stoulger bringing in the second biggest spring this year at 55 pounds.  We apologize for any over 30's we missed, being so busy not getting down for photos.

 for this time of year although you may need to put more time in. Sizes are much bigger than usual and the numbers are up more than usual also.

Vicious Fish Charters

Halibut fishing remains surprisingly good

Notable Catches:

  • Ken Gillard  32  32  30
  • Wayne Schiffner   30.5
  • Clint Coleman  32
  • Gerry hamilton   33
  • Mike & Dan Burkmar  32  32  34
  • Alex Gard   35.5
  • Terry McKenna  34
  • Jim Aggergaard  40
  • Jolly Rogers Fishing Adventures  171 hali
  • David & Terry Tobacco withJustin & McGaw 29 30 31 32 32 40
  • John Stroulger   55
  • Leroy Coombs   32
  • Larry DeFrane  34
  • Brian Batty  32
  • Bud Watt    30
  • Paul Mahoney  40


Paul Mahoney and his 40 pounder!

Important Notice: The Baird Creek bridge ( small bridge shortly before entering Port Renfrew) will be closed Aug.24th from 9 am to 2 pm.There will be other delays for unknown amounts of time off and on during the days of Aug. 23, 25, 26 and 27th.

Other things to note: The pay phone at the marina is no longer working. We hope to have it replaced for next year. If you are wanting moorage only for the next couple weeks please call ahead and check with the office as to availability. It is very limited. There is still a complete camp fire ban in effect at the marina and all of Port Renfrew.

Important Dates: Sept. 4th & 5th Labor Day Derby This derby's proceeds go to the local salmon hatchery in Renfrew. Tickets are $50.00 a rod & include a t-shirt, dinner, beverages and a live band. 1st prize, $1000.00 2nd prize $500.00 3rd prize $250.00 and many other draws, raffles and auction items.

Oct. 2nd & 3rd Coho Derby This derby is "Winner Take All" with the fisherman who gets the biggest coho taking the winnings of the $25.00 entry fee, $20.00 of it goes to the winnings and the $5.00 from each entry goes to the San Juan Hatchery. Previous years winnings have been anywhere from $5,500.00 to $13,800.00.

Oct. 11 th  Port Renfrew Marina closes. Please be advised that if you have your boat in storage you are responsible for removing it on or before that date or winter storing costs will apply.  Please make sure that you have made it clear with the office if you are leaving your unit or boat in storage for the winter and have left your site clean of garbage and other misc. items that may get damaged or ruined in the winter months. Costco type tents DO NOT withstand the winter rains and winds.

Bud & Rex

PRM fish-2

Steve Gaudet and a shiny new friend