Sept.15/10 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Port Renfrew Marina is seeing typical mid September fishing. Chinook salmon are still showing up in small numbers and the odd coho up to 20 pounds are being caught also.  Early September spring fishing was slower than usual as the big whites never showed up. With this rain possibly more springs will show. The best spots are from Camper Creek to Logan. Coho will continue to show in greater concentrations as we get into October. They are already jumping in the river. Spoons, apexs and hoochies will all work when they arrive.

The real bright spot on the fishing front has been the halibut. Much larger fish in good numbers are still being caught by those at anchor. If the weather holds halibut should still be biting.

36 45 50 132 hali's 8 ling  12 crab

Important Dates: 

  • Coho Derby:  Oct. 2 nd and 3 rd. "Winner Take All" This derby entry fee is $25.00 with $20.00 going to the winning pot and $5.00 going directly to the local San Juan hatchery. This derby has never had a wining pot of less the $5,000.00 and the best year it was $13,800.00 So with better odds than the lottery enter this derby, have some fun, support the hatchery and maybe go home with a lot of cash!
  • Port Renfrew Marina Closes: Oct. 11 th Thanksgiving Day. If you noticed our sign out front of the office we mistakenly wrote Oct.12 th so please make a note of the date. We also had to do a correction in previous post. Sorry for the confusion.

    If you have a boat in storage please make sure you have made arrangements to come and pick it up on or before closing or winter storage rates will apply. If you are planning to leave your unit for storage you must sign in at the office so we have you registered. You must do this before we close also.