Sept.8/10 Port Renfrew Marina Report

PRM 2010-3_800x600 Port Renfrew Marina is seeing spring fishing to be up and down these past two weeks. It has been a bit slower than normal for this time of year although the last two or three days did pick up. It appears the sockey have moved on, sure was great while it lasted! Coho should be arriving by the third week of September. There are the odd ones being caught now but mostly at Swiftsure Bank.

Chinook fishing was average but slowed dramatically over the derby weekend. It did pick up again after the weekend rain. Camper and Logan produced fish on the high slack tides. Rumor has it that there are huge schools of springs farther up the coast and we are hoping that they are just running late this year.

Halibut catches remain good though only for those anchoring closer to shore than Swiftsure Bank are loading up.

Happy 40th Birthday Des

Notable Catches:

  • Mark Jordan   37  (not in the derby)
  • name lost         39  (also not in derby!)
  • Bud Watt          30  after derby

Some interesting and exciting news for Port Renfrew Marina. One of our own guides won the Sooke Harbor Derby this year.  Desi Hatchard of came in first place with winnings of $100,000.00! Congrats to Desi, who was also celebrating his 40th birthday, (hence the funny picture) couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

This past weekend was Port Renfrew Marina's 13th Annual Labor Day Derby. It was another resounding success with outstanding efforts by many. Although attendance was down slightly the people who were there really came through with all their efforts to help raise funds for the San Juan Hatchery again this year.  Fishing was quieter than past derby's but that didn't stop the upbeat attitude of everyone there.  The event went smoothly with the delicious dinner and beverages and then the prizes got under way with a live band that played from about 7:30 and didn't stop until 12:00.  Who knew that fishermen dance?

Port Renfrew Derby Winners


  • 1st. Place Wolf Kadgien  34.1     $1000.00
  • 2nd Place      Joe Serpa       31.7       $ 500.00
  • 3rd Place Mary Dice     30.14     $ 250.00

Port Renfrew Marina had 3 large raffles,  6 silent auctions, 5 live auctions and some cash donations bringing the total amount of monies donated to the San Juan Hatchery this year to  the outstanding amount of $9,587.00! We would like to thank a few generous people and businesses for their great  "over the top"   donations and efforts.

A great thanks goes to Jared at Rona in Langford that donated the Broil King BBQ which raised $2311.00 dollars!   Won by: Neil Young

Also a special thanks goes to Lindsey Wilson of Four Points Sheraton Gateway of Victoria who gave us a few generous donations, one, the limited edition print "Fall Run" in memory of her brother Matt Cardin who worked at the hatchery and passed away and with those we raised $837.00 plus had prizes to give away.     Print won by: Pooh Parker

Another thanks goes to Port Renfrew General Store for their donation of 2 nights for four people in the Country Cottage and a $100 certificate to the store and it raised $329.00 Won by: Linda Grieve

A wonderful thank you goes out again to Audie Williams of the Davey Derby that was held at Port Renfrew Marina this past July.  They donated $2000.00 to the San Juan Hatchery as they do every year.

Very special thanks also go to :  Island Outfitters,  Gizmo's (Victoria),  Desi Hatchard of Vicious Fish Charters and Neil Young who personally donated and also raised $600.00 from guys he works with in Alberta! One even came from Nova Scotia!

And to all the other businesses and people who donated and there were many, to many to list, thank you so very much for all your contributions. None of this would be possible without businesses and people like them who donate to this great and important cause.

Bud & Rex