Oct.13/10 Port Renfrew Marina Closing Report

Port Renfrew Marina's 2010 season has now come to an end. This year went by so quickly, each month seemed to fly by and now another fishing season is over for the Port Renfrew area. 2010 fishing was about average for Chinook salmon, certainly not anything great when compared to the incredible 2007 spring returns. There seems to be less springs over the 40 pound mark although we did have six over 50 pounds this year. Most of the springs caught this year were in the mid 20 to mid 30 pound range. The white springs that usually show up in late Aug and early Sept. never did show up.

Halibut catches remained very strong right up to closing time. It may well be the best year ever that we have had for large halibut.

Coho returns are very strong. Great catches were hitting the docks on a daily basis right up to the day we closed. The only problem was the poor weather for Sept and Oct made for difficult fishing at times.

2010 saw the first Sockeye opening since 2006 and this time there were actually were fish to be caught and lots of them! Everyone was getting their limits, it was an amazing fishery for these tasty fish this year.

Port Renfrew Marina is now closed for the season and will reopen May 1, 2011. For those who may have their boats or units still to be picked up please do so as soon as possible and check in with our caretakers Wayne & Gwen Coleman for times available to get through the gate. The gate will be locked this winter.  Please note that if you do not pick your unit or boat up soon winter rates for storage will apply. You must notify the caretakers when you come to pick up your boat. Please also make sure you leave your campsite clean of debris and garbage to discourage bears and other problem animals such as rodents. There will be a $100.00 fee for any site that is left in an unacceptable condition.  For anyone who still has an outstanding account for the season to please be diligent and contact us. The marina phone number is set up to call forward to our number and after one month it will say "NOT IN SERVICE". This will be in effect until approximately April of 2011.  

Please Note: No units will be allowed out of the marina during the dates of Oct.18 to Nov.18th due to the fact that our caretakers will be away and the fellow filling in has been advised to not let any boats or units to leave the property of the marina for security reasons. If you are not wanting to incur storage fees please make sure you remove your boat or unit before this date.

All of us at Port Renfrew Marina wish all our customers, new and old for a safe, healthy winter and look forward to seeing you again in the spring for another great year of fishing.

Bud & Rex