Port Renfrew Marina Report April 2011

Another season for Port Renfrew Marina is soon upon us. We apologize for the late report as we usually have word out regarding the new year in late March. There have been a string of of incidents that have delayed us but better late than never! We are sure everyone is looking forward to start their fishing season and see some warmer weather. For seasonals that are wanting to set up you can start bringing your units in on the Easter long weekend. There will be staff there to help. Anyone that is wanting to keep their spots should be notifying us asap and for those who are not returning we would appreciate you letting us know that your site is open for others. For new people, you can contact us and we can keep you updated as to the availability.

Please note and review on our site the rates page. Unfortunately some things have gone up slightly. Also we are having problems with our site being listed in Google.  It works fine if you type it into your browser location bar directly:  portrenfrewmarina.com. If you know of anyone having issues finding our site please send them the link (or you can access it from Google Maps).   Thank you and we are sorry for anyone finding this frustrating as we certainly are!

Important News: An organization called WFN World Fishing Network is sponsoring a contest for Canada's Ultimate Fishing Town. The town that wins will get a $25,000.00 donation to use for the community in ways they feel would benefit the town and fishing. Port Renfrew would benefit greatly with a contribution that large! We would like to see some of those funds go to good causes such as the San Juan Salmon Hatchery, the town Information Center, possibly the school or the local church and maybe some kind of ideas for a place for teens to gather in a safe and fun environment but whatever the monies get used for we are sure the town will benefit huge. Port Renfrew came in first in the nomination phase and that was fantastic and now we are in the voting phase of the contest. Anyone can vote that has a email address and you can vote with each address you have, no matter how many and you can vote up to 4 times a day at the scheduled intervals. Voting is on-line and very easy. Simply go to the Port Renfrew website at  www.wfnfishingtown.ca, find the "vote" button over on the right hand side and click on it. You will then be asked to fill in your name and e-mail address. Then click in  the "I agree" box. Then copy in the 2 words given in the anti-spamming box and then you click Submit (the first time you do this, you'll be asked to verify your email address...just once though). We need EVERYONE to do this for Port Renfrew and we hope enough people will. At this point we are trailing Port Hardy and we need to win this, one click at a time!!  You can vote every 6-hours, and you can also vote from as many email addresses as you have access to.  Create yourself some extra hotmail or gmail accounts and do some extra voting!   The voting started April 12th and goes until May 3rd. Port Renfrew in a small town and we hope it will end up being the little town that could!

We look forward to seeing all our customers again and meeting our new ones for the coming season. Lets hope the fishing is great this year!

Bud & Rex