June 27/11 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Port Renfrew Marina has seen an nice improvement in fishing in the last week. The past weekend was the best this year with pretty much all anglers getting one or two springs. The fishing situation is pretty much identical to the report done four days ago. Check the June 23 report for more info. Camper was the hot spot the past few days with many springs over 30 pounds coming in. Anchovy is still the bait of choice and green and purple haze teaser heads. Another popular one is the newer tiger prawn.  We have been hearing good reports of Baitrix being a hot bait, especially at the bank. Swiftsure is full of hatchery Coho, the limit is 2 per license, they are on the small side but very delicious! Halibut fishing is still very good at Swiftsure and also at Carmanah. Crabbing is still going strong and they are hardening up nicely. The seas have been rough one day and smooth the next so be advised to check with the weather and make sure if you are going to Swiftsure you have radar and a boat big enough to handle rough seas and swells.

Notables Catches:

  • June 21. Wayne Schiffner  32
  • June 23   High Hamar          31
  • June 24  Leah Gagen            33
  • June 25  Joe Serpa               34
  • June 25   Jeremy Fall         30
  • June 26    Ken Gillard          34
  • June 26   Blair Houdayer   31    36
  • June 27   Hank Scown        33

Leah Gagen 33Joe Serpa 34Blair Houdayer 31 36





Ken Gillard





News:  Port Renfrew had the Tall Tree Festival this past weekend and it was a huge success. Good to hear that everyone was on their best behaviour with no accidents or injuries. Thanks to the Big fish Lodge for putting this on.  This coming July 22nd to 24th will the the 11th Davey Derby held at Port Renfrew Marina. This derby is fantastic, with amazing prizes, good people having a great time and all the proceeds go to a variety of wonderful charities, all of which benefit greatly from this event. Also this Sept. 3rd and 4th will be Port Renfrew Marina's 14th annual Labor Day Derby. This derby is also a great fundraiser for the San Juan hatchery.

At Port Renfrew Marina we have the pay phone working but it is a temperamental thing and if you have issues using it please let us know.  We have also found our gas boy for the summer. The fishing season is starting to come on now and we want to say welcome back to all our regular customers and a big welcome to all our new ones that are making this year their first at the marina. We wish all a safe and great fishing summer.

Bud & Rex