July5/11 Port Renfrew Marina Report

The good fishing prior to the Canada Day weekend dropped off considerably for the long weekend. Friday spring fishing was slow but picked up some on Saturday and was much better on Sunday. Monday, July 4th was fantastic,which only goes to show what a difference a couple of days can make.Everywhere from the "chicken ranch" to East Point was on fire with limit catches for most boats. The offshore fishery is seeing bigger average size springs than usual with many Chinook in the 20 pound plus range.  Plugs, hoochies and large spoons, fished deep, are the ticket.

The "beach" catches were coming in on a  anchovy or small needle fish spoons on long leaders. Fish seem to be in the 27 foot to 37 foot depth range.

Halibut fishing continues strong with both anchoring and drifting producing many fish up to 100 pounds. The past weekend we had at least three in the seventies weighed in.

Great tides are in store for this coming weekend so hopefully the fishing will remain strong. Hopefully we will have less chop and rough seas which were experienced off and on this past weekend.

Notable catches:

  • Marlin Weninger                                                 33
  • Glen Wilson                                                           33
  • Trevor of No Banana's Charters                   32
  • Terry Van Wieren                                              37
  • Joe Serpa                                                               37
  • Dennis McCallum                                               33         Sorry no pics this time

News:  Coming up on July 22 to the 24thPort Renfrew Marina will be hosting the 11th annual Davey Derbyput on by Audie Williams and friends. The derby is an amazing event with many incredible prizes. All proceeds goes to an assortment of needy charities and it is a great event to support either by a donation or attending the derby. Check out the website http://www.daveyderby.ca/ for more information. Tickets are available at the marina in the office. 

The marina's pay phone has been having it's issues as usual. We hope to have resolved them but if you run into problems let us know. Port Renfrew Marina will also be having their annual Labor Day Derby on Sept. 3rd and 4th this year. This derby raises funds for the local San Juan hatchery which  needs  financial support.  More information coming in the future. 

Bud & Rex