July 23/11 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Port Renfrew Marina is still seeing some of the best salmon fishing since 2007! The bite started about 2 weeks ago and is still going strong. Chinook catches have been very good. Camper, Logan and East Point have all been holding fish. Limit catches have arrived at the dock by 7:30 in the morning.

The "Chicken Ranch" at Swiftsure Bank is approaching MAGICAL status with truly incredible fishing for springs, coho and halibut day after day.

Lots of pinks and coho are around when you venture from the coast line into deeper water. When in an area with lots of pinks they can snap up a lot of your anchovies, it's a good idea to try baittrix or hoochies, a popular one being the "purple haze." No word yet on a sockeye opening.

Halibut fishing on the anchor for the big ones has picked up now that there is some current.

Notable catches:

  • Tim Street     37
  • Ian Bateson   38
  • Dale Rivers    32
  • Serge Perevrzoff   24  35
  • Phil Renakin    39
  • Blair Houdayer      33
  • Ward of Island Outfitters   38
  • Matt of Island Outfitters 30 35 60 120
  • Chris Arnold   30 32 teenagers


Chris Arnold

Serge Island Outfitter Matt Island Outfitters ward


   News:  This weekend the Davey Derby is on at Port Renfrew Marina. In to the second day the most recent word is the leading fish is a 39.1 pounder with a 37.8 in second place. The derby ends on Sunday at noon so anything can happen from now until then. As usual the turnout is high with many knowing that the fishing is fantastic and many great prizes. Luckily for everyone the weather has improved.

 We are happy to say that the pay phone seems to be in working order now. For those who are unaware we also have an ATM for your convenience since we don't take credit cards. We would also like to remind everyone that we don't take reservations, there seems to be some confusion over this. We also want to clear up the question of fuel. We do carry fuel, boat gas, car gas and diesel from May 1st to mid Oct when we close, this year Oct.16th.

A Reminder: Coming up on Sept 3rd and 4th Port Renfrew Marina will be having their 14th annual Labor Day Derby. This derby is a lot of fun with a dinner and dance with a live band on the Sunday. We give all proceeds to the San Juan Hatchery. Please try to come and support this great fund raiser to help keep salmon stocks thriving for now and ours and our childrens future.  Any person or business that is interested in making a donation whether is it cash, product or a service is greatly appreciated.

Bud & Rex