July31/11 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Port Renfrew Marina has run out of words for how great the fishing has been for the last few weeks without risking repeating ourselves! Both Swiftsure Bank and the beach has seen the best fishing in 20 plus years! Chinook can be found from Owen Point to the Walbran Creek with "all day bites" happening almost daily. Anchovies are the bait of choice unless you are a die hard cut plug herring fisherman. Color of anchovy heads vary daily but the Mint Pearl has been very good. Depths are always between 27 feet to 41 feet with a very tight roll. The marina is well stocked with anchovies and herring.

Swiftsure at the "chicken ranch" remains outstanding. Spoons, hootchies and apex's are all great choices for both chinook and halibut.

Crabbing has slowed some but there is still some showing up each day. Nice to see since usually by now they are few and far between.

Notable Catches:                           

  • Jason Batty      32
  • Trevor Zboyovsky of nobananas@fishingportrenfrew.ca  40
  • Trevor Gregson  34   37
  • Jack Cotterill   30  31
  • Ian & Rhonda Robinson   51
  • Kevin Wright   39  leader now in the beer derby
  • Larry & Blair Ericson   34 27 24 23 21 21 all within one hour!
  • Jim "steamin seamen"   37
  • Eric Eckdahl    44
  • We apologize for the others missed as the list went through the wash!

Ian & Rhonda Robinson 51Kevin Wright 39Trevor Gregson 37





Trvor Gregson 34Mike Daines 34Rcik Parsons 32





No Bananas 40 and many more





News: The weekend of July 22 to the 24th was the 11th annual Davey Derby held at Port Renfrew Marina. It was a resounding success with all tickets sold out. It is great to see such community involvement and willingness to support a fundraiser such as the Davey Derby. They were successful in raising an amazing $24,000.00 for an assortment of charities.  First place was won by Chris Miller with a 39.1 spring, second place was Ernie Ferguson with a 37.8. Mary Dice won first in women's with a 35.7 and Joe Serpa with the largest halibut weighing 92 pounds.

More News: The following road closures will take place on August 7th. The roads are closed in order to accommodate the Subaru Sooke International Triathlon and filming of the event for a television production that will air nationally on TSN. Time your coming and leaving accordingly.

1. Otter Point Road from Grant Road to Rhondenite Road: 7am to 3pm. * Access to Mulligan’s at Grant Rd

2. Otter Point Road (westbound lane) from Young Lake Road to West Coast Road (westerly intersection) + Young Lake Road: 7:00am to 10:30am. * Local residents use Kemp Lake Road for Access 

3. West Coast Road (westbound lane) from Otter Point Road (westerly intersection) to approximately 15km west of Jordan River: 7:00am - 10:30am

4. West Coast Road (eastbound lane) from approximately 15km west of Jordan River to Otter Point Road (westerly intersection) : 7:00am – 12 noon

5. Otter Point Road (eastbound lane) from West Coast Road (westerly intersection) to Rhondenite Road: 7:00am to 12:15pm * Local residents use Kemp Lake Road for Access.

More news: Coming up on Sept 3rd and4th Port Renfrew will be having their 14th annual Labor Day Derby.  Please try to attend and support this derby as all monies raised go to support the San Juan hatchery to keep producing ongoing salmon stocks for you and future fishermen in the years to come. The derby is a two day event, dinner with beverages, live band and you get a t-shirt in the deal. Please remember to bring cash for tickets as we are a cash only business. Anyone who knows of a business or individual who would like to donate to this derby please call or come by the office.

Bud & Rex