Aug.9/11 Port Renfrew Marina Report

Port Renfrew Marina is seeing exceptional Chinook fishing. While the last weekend saw slower than normal catches they came back on hard on Monday. Most fisherman are hitting Logan and Walbran for their days adventure. Some days the springs are right on the kelp beds, other days they are being  caught in the 100 to 120 foot depth of water. With little pressure Owen Point could be a great place to try till it's closure on Aug. 15th.

Halibut catches have f inally started to slow a bit at the "chicken ranch." They should pick up again when the guides start trying new locations. Hatchery Coho can be found at Swiftsure Bank , limits are 2 per license.

Amazingly crabbing is still coming on. It has slowed some but there are still many out there. Very unusual for Aug.

IMPORTANT NEWS:  Sockeye opens tonight at 12:01 am tonight with 2 sockeye per day.

Notable catches:

  • Scott Baslee   (16 years)  32
  • Bob Biggs     32   33
  • Paul Ricard      30
  • Marek Syrzycki     30    32
  • Merv Pywell        38
  • Desi Hatchard of   32   32  30  30   38 40
  • Ken Cutting     33
  • Dan Buckmar  36
  • Scott Baker   43 
  • Robin Gibson   30
  • Trevor Zboyovsky www.nobananasca    33  34  26   26  21

Scott Baker 43Dan Buckmar 36No Bananas 33 34 26 26 21





Vicious Fish Charters  40Name lost





News:  Port Renfrew Marina will be holding it's 14th annual Labor Day Derby on Sept 3rd and 4th.Please encourage your friends and yourself to enter this derby to help raise funds for the San Juan hatchery. Please help if you can with a donation for prizes to help make this derby memorable for all. Tickets will be available at the office a few days before the derby. They are $55.00 this year and include a t-shirt, dinner, beverages and a live band. There is also a bullhead derby for any children who want to participate on Sunday at 9:00 am.

Port Renfrew's Coho Derby "Winner Take All" will be held this Oct. 1st and 2nd. This derby is a great one for anyone who likes a relaxed atmosphere as only a contender gets weighed in and the biggest Coho wins the prize money. Winnings have varied from $5600.00 to the biggest win of $13880.00! Tickets will be on sale a few days before the derby and are $25.00 five of which goes to the hatchery.

Bud & Rex